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Tim Gardner

Sr. VP Consulting



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Dr. Tim Gardner is passionate about helping people live their best lives in every area. Since the early 1980s, Tim has worked extensively as a leader and innovator in the fields of human relationships, organizational culture, and leadership development. At Teamalytics, Tim brings his straight-talking, highly interactive and humor-laden style to create lasting personal and team change, blending the latest in scientific research with unique individual data. He is honored to serve Teamalytics clients as an executive coach and team facilitator.

Prior to Teamalytics, Tim served as director of culture and leadership development for a national home services company. He also served as an educator and executive coach for his own leadership development company. Tim spent the first 20 years of his career on the clinical side of helping people, founding two professional counseling centers. With a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Texas and a doctorate in Psychology from Anderson University, Tim has published three books and dozens of magazine articles. He was twice elected to his local school board, serving as board president three times.

Tim plays racquetball, practices yoga, and holds a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo. He and his wife, Amy, are active in multiple causes related to mentoring disadvantaged children and serving those facing food insecurity. They have three grown children and make their home in central Indiana ... when they’re not hanging out on a beach!