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Steven Shugart

Sr. VP Strategy



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Steven joined Teamalytics in January 2023 with business development responsibilities in growth and strategy. Steven is a seasoned executive well-versed in building a successful team and believes that adaptive leadership alone can drive exponential growth and bring people together for a common purpose.

Steven’s unique abilities have been a catalyst for both turnarounds and successful ventures into new markets.

Before joining Teamalytics, Steven spent eighteen years in the defense and aerospace market. He held executive and C-suite-level positions for some of the largest and most respected government service providers. In addition, he served twelve years in law enforcement in the field of narcotics and special weapons and tactics.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in applied arts and sciences and a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Stephen F. Austin State University, he earned a second master’s degree in project management from George Washington University.

Steven and his wife Stephanie live in North Texas with their amazing daughters. Steven enjoys road trips with his family, hunting, hiking, and spending as much time as possible on the lake entertaining family and friends.