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Discover Our Process

Use our 3-step process to build elite teams that outperform their competitors.

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Here’s How Our 3 Step Process Works

1. Awareness 

Learn What It Really Feels Like To Work With You

We begin by surveying those who work most closely with you using our proprietary behavioral analytics tool. With this data, we develop a 360 report full of actionable insights that you can begin using right away. 

Then, in a fun, interactive workshop environment, you and your team will explore the impact of your individual and team behaviors on your business results. You’ll discover how your counterproductive behaviors can be eliminated by shifting critical behavioral scales in the right direction.

You will be guided by one of our consultants, a successful executive-level leader with proven experience leading their own teams through the Teamalytics process.

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2. Accountability 

Build a Plan To Become a Better Team Member

You and your team members will create a personalized action plan to eliminate the counterproductive behaviors identified by you and your teammates.

You begin by celebrating your strengths and identifying your personal growth goals. Then, you will choose the two or three counterproductive behavior patterns most negatively impacting your leadership effectiveness and team performance. For each of your counterproductive behaviors, you will identify a series of practical, actionable steps that you can take each day to eliminate them.

You will receive ongoing, expert coaching on successfully executing your action plans. You’ll update your plan regularly to reflect your evolving growth goals.

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3. Acceleration 

Get Feedback From Your Colleagues

You and your team members will learn how to give each other helpful, productive feedback in a collaborative, non-threatening manner.

Using our proprietary tool, we will periodically collect written feedback from your colleagues on how you’re doing as you execute your action plans. This feedback will help you evolve your action plans to achieve your personal growth goals and ensure sustainable improvement in the elimination of your counterproductive behaviors.

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