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Teamalytics Privacy Policy

This is our policy for use and protection of data that can be identified with you, sometimes called “personal data.” It is impossible to guarantee data security, but it is our intention to protect your personal data as we do our own. You must protect your login information in order for our privacy efforts to succeed. Your use of this site and/or our online services acts as your consent to the privacy policies of Teamalytics as they are revised from time to time.


Teamalytics is sometimes called “we” or “us” in this policy. Firms that do not share ownership with you or us are sometimes called “service providers.” Service Providers under contract with us are required to maintain confidentiality of personal data as we do.

Data Collection and Use.

We collect data you enter and data automatically generated when you use our services. We use this personal data to provide features and services relevant to you. Example uses would be to contact you, to evaluate your performance, or to guide you toward improved team performance.

Anonymized Data.

We and our service providers may use your data for purposes not directly related to you only after removing the ability to identify that data with you.

“Cookies” and the like.

We may store data on your device so that we can provide features and services germane to you. You are free to delete this data, but this will disable features and services intended to help you. We may use service providers to contact you. These providers may store data on your device, but only to that end. You are free to delete such data, but this may prevent us from contacting you.

Right to be forgotten.

Upon written request, we will remove you from our systems in conformity with the EEC General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable law. Your removal may prevent us from contacting you or providing features and services prepared for you.

Legal Process.

If your personal data is material to legal or similar process, we may reveal it as appropriate to that process. We must disclose your personal data if compelled to do so by operation of law.

Service Provider Fees.

We or our service providers may use email, messaging or other means to contact you. Your service provider may charge you for communication we initiate.

Contact our Privacy Department

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or if you require any assistance in navigating or reading the materials on this Site or any other Teamalytics Sites, please contact us at:

Legal Department
1199 Haywood Drive
College Station, TX 77845