Optimize Your Team: Jessica Grossmeier, Phd, MPH

by Jessica Grossmeier on Sep 19, 2023

optimize your team podcast: jessica grossmeier quote

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Teamalytics podcast: Optimize Your Team. Throughout this series, we will speak with CEOs, business leaders, veterans, and more and get their insight into leading and building strong teams.

Dr. Jessica Grossmeier is a worksite wellness thought leader with more than 25 years of experience advancing individual and population health. Her research has focused on identifying best practice approaches to workplace wellness initiatives that are associated with wellbeing and business outcomes.

Today, we’re talking about Jessica’s book, “Reimagining Workplace Well-being”. For more information including free bonus material, check out the website: www.jessicagrossmeier.com/book

Jessica shares practical insights on what we can do as leaders to help tend to the overall wellbeing of the people that we lead.

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