Optimize Your Team: Jay Davis And Jason Pananos

by Jason Pananos on Jul 29, 2023

optimize your team podcast: jay davis jason pananos quote

Welcome to the 11th episode of the Teamalytics podcast: Optimize Your Team. Throughout this series, we will speak with CEOs, business leaders, veterans, and more and get their insight into leading and building strong teams.

Jay and Jason are co-founders of The Nashton Company: a holding company investing in recurring revenue services businesses.  Nashton builds leading companies in niche markets over a very long period of time. In our conversation, we explore Jason and Jay’s experience buying and growing their first company back in 2008: what they learned from that experience that can help you think about your leadership journey.

Incidentally, Jay and Jason have run their own businesses and the businesses they invest in remotely over the last 15 years, and we talk about some of the things that they have done to make that work effectively.

We also hear about their current business leading a search fund and how their firm is creating opportunities for a new form of entrepreneurship for the next generation of leaders… and what implications this has for us as we look at developing and empowering the next generation of leaders for the companies and teams we lead.

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