Optimize Your Team: Donna Raine

by Donna Raine on Jun 15, 2023

optimize your team podcast: donna raine quote

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Teamalytics podcast: Optimize Your Team. Throughout this series, we will speak with CEOs, business leaders, veterans, and more and get their insight into leading and building strong teams.

Donna is a turn-around CEO extraordinaire… she now works with Prophet Equity in Southlake, Texas, and has taken on some of their most challenging turnarounds.

What’s her secret? Coming in to slash and burn? Taking a cold blooded approach to people in the guise of wanting to stay objective while making difficult decisions?

These may be some of the stereotypes the word “turn around CEO” may conjure… But Donna can best be described as kind, thoughtful, and if anything at times being a bit too nice…

What’s her secret to being so effective at what she does?

How does she turn around underperforming organizations?

That’s our focus in this episode.

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