Optimize Your Team: Dan Broekhuizen

by Dan Broekhuizen on Jul 15, 2023

optimize your team podcast: dan broekhuizen quote

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Teamalytics podcast: Optimize Your Team. Throughout this series, we will speak with CEOs, business leaders, veterans, and more and get their insight into leading and building strong teams.

In this episode, we hear from Dan Broekhuizen – Dan is the Global VP of Leadership Development and Culture for the 140,000 employees at NTT Data. Dan’s had a fascinating career from undercover narcotics investigator to holding various executive roles in the talent development space for tech companies.

Dan shares the leadership lessons he learned as an undercover officer and a couple of the key things he’s helping leaders do to navigate the current environment we all find ourselves in. I hope you’ll take away as much as I did from this short but insightful conversation with Dan.

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