Optimize Your Team: Brian LaCroix

by Brian LaCroix on Jan 15, 2023

optimize your team podcast: brian lacroix quote

Welcome to the 12th episode of the Teamalytics podcast: Optimize Your Team. Throughout this series, we will speak with CEOs, business leaders, veterans, and more and get their insight into leading and building strong teams.

We’ve all had to change and adapt the ways we work over the last couple of years in many ways, and in this episode, we sit down with Chick-fil-A operator Brian LaCroix to learn some of the ways he and his team have adapted to the new normal. We also spend some time talking about what he’s noticing about the next generation of leaders: his restaurant hires young people at both the front line and supervisor level: Brian has more than 100 people under 18 working at his restaurant!

So for those interested in investing in the next generation, whether a parent or business leader, we learn how Brian and his colleagues look to identify and develop young leaders.

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