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You will join some of the world’s most effective leaders and successful teams.

“Best Leadership Training Ever. Bar None.”

“In thirty years of service, I had spent more than five years in Army schools and three years in graduate schools including Harvard University, primarily studying the art of leadership. In addition, the Army gave me plenty of opportunities to practice what I had studied by allowing me to command Army organizations from a platoon of 30 to a division of 30,000. What could Teamalytics possibly teach me? Well, at least I am not too old to admit how absolutely wrong I was.

Those three days were, without exception, the best leadership training I ever had. Bar none. I left rejuvenated as a leader, confident of our team and its strengths, knowledgeable of my own counter-productive behaviors, and most importantly, with a total buy-in for our senior leadership social contract to act as a template for our personal interactions and pathway to even greater successes in the future.”

Gen. Bruce K. Scott
Ret. 2-Star General, US Army
Vice President
ITT Defense



“One of Our Strongest Competitive Advantages.”

“Identifying talent and cultural alignment are essential to success. In the same way, sorting out in advance those who will become either cultural misfits or ethical problems has been equally significant. Teamalytics has allowed us to do both well. They have been one of our strongest competitive advantages. After discovering how powerful the Teamalytics models were in improving my own effectiveness and eliminating counterproductive behavior throughout our entire organization, I now believe that our key investment relationships should consider doing the same.”

Britt Harris
President and Chief Investment Officer
$45B+ of capital under management



“We Not Only Recovered, but grew 35%…”

“We engaged Teamalytics shortly after the oil and gas downturn in 2009. As we prepared to lead our chemical company through recovery in a reeling marketplace, we felt we needed to tune up our executive team for what we hoped would be not only recovery, but a clear direction for future growth. We pushed the Teamalytics model all the way from the top of the organization down through the field operations.

As a result, we not only recovered but grew over 35% and exited that business with the sale to a major service provider in 2011. We’re now using the Teamalytics model to grow our 3 newest business ventures. Our team realized that everything rises and falls on leadership and Teamalytics has taken leadership development to a whole new level.”

James Archer
Founder and CEO
KJ Energy



“Increase of $300MM Since Starting With Teamalytics.”

“Teamalytics has shown us a winning formula: a plan of action, not a plan of words. As it stands today, our contract is worth $1.1 billion and still growing, with an increase in revenue of more than $300 million since the Teamalytics program start date. With so much uncertainty, turmoil, and turnover in people due to the dangerous environment, the reason is simple. We have latched onto some critical, common themes based on the philosophies of Teamalytics. ‘Critical feedback is the breakfast of champions’ and ‘Let’s attack our counterproductive behaviors’ are major components of our endeavors. Basically, we care about the people to our right and left. Without them, we cannot be successful. I am a better person and a better leader because of Teamalytics and all our leaders will echo this sentiment.”

Kelvin R.
Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Vectrus Systems Corp., Excelis Inc., ITT Corporation



“Our Attrition Dropped from 72% to an Industry Best 14%!”

“We had developed an attrition rate for our truck drivers that was much higher than the industry average for a concrete delivery company. Our attrition rate of 72% every six months was costing us more than $6 million a year. We brought in Teamalytics to help us reduce our driver turnover. They spent time observing the daily interactions and behaviors of our drivers and managers and then prescribed new behavioral processes to increase driver engagement levels, including team and individual behavioral plans and social programs to provide additional benefits to the drivers and their families. Within just 24 months, our attrition had dropped from 72% to an industry leading 14%! The ability of Teamalytics to bring out the best in our team is just one of the many positives I can see for working with them to take your team to the next level.”

Dick Schilhab
General Manager
Transit Mix



“Development of our people with the help of Teamalytics has been critical”

“We invest over long periods, 20+ years. Notwithstanding the fact that our investee companies own hard assets, our performance is driven by our people. So the development of our people with the help of Teamalytics has been critical. They provide a common framework and energized perspective to drive talent development. Their tools and metrics establish a common vocabulary and set of initiatives across our businesses. Not only do we need to be developing next-level management to properly ensure performance in the field today, but these businesses and organizations must be built to outlast and outgrow their founders and current management teams. Teamalytics brings focus and organization to this ongoing objective.”

Garrett House
Evergreen/M3 Capital Partners
$11B+ of assets under management.