Infrastructure and Construction Company

Improving Key-Role Retention Through Leadership


Trinity Industries acquired Transit Mix, a concrete manufacturing and delivery company, and discovered that driver turnover was much higher than the industry average. The turnover rate for concrete truck drivers was over 72% during a 6-month period, costing Transit Mix over $6M each year. Teamalytics was brought in as a trusted partner to conduct root-cause analysis and implement a solution to reduce the costly driver turnover.


Teamalytics spent time observing the daily interactions and behaviors of drivers, supervisors, and managers and quickly discovered an extreme lack of connectedness and dissonance between levels of the organization.

Drivers would often clock-in, load their trucks, and head out to sites without speaking to anyone on the lot. This lack of connection to leadership left Transit Mix drivers susceptible to other employment opportunities in the thriving construction and Oil & Gas industries at the time. Teamalytics conducted workshops with executives and mid-level leaders, creating awareness of each leader’s own personal strengths, constraints, and leadership behaviors that could be contributing to the challenge.

The company committed to processes and behaviors that would drive the engagement levels of drivers, including team and individual action plans and social programs that would provide additional benefits to drivers and their families. Supervisors met with drivers on daily crew-outs and opened upward channels of feedback to make the drivers feel more heard and respected.


After 14 months of implementing Teamalytics processes and action plans, the turnover rate was down to 47%. After 24 months of process and action plan implementation, turnover was down to an industry leading 14%, providing Transit Mix a strong competitive advantage in their market.

“Your ability to bring out the best we can be is just one of the many positives I can see as we take our team to the next level.”

Dick Schilhab, General Manager, Transit Mix