Oil & Gas Services Company

Implementing Winning Culture Through Teams and Onboarding


The passionate founder of this oil and gas services company had a clearly-defined mission and vision for his organization and a business plan for fast growth and scalability. Because customer service and professionalism were a key differentiator for this company and industry, it was vital that he build and develop a leadership culture that established and measured clear behavioral expectations throughout all levels of the company.


Teamalytics met with the company’s executive team to discuss specific behaviors that needed to remain consistent for the organization to meet their objectives and follow the founder’s mission and vision. The result was the development of a Social Contract that is introduced and agreed upon by each new team member as a part of the companies new hire onboarding process.

Teamalytics also worked with the executive team to uncover and address individual and team behavioral constraints that would ultimately keep the organization from reaching their goals. Executives participated in quarterly one-on-one coaching and quarterly workshops for the duration of the founders time at the company.

As the organization grew, each senior level hire completed the Teamalytics 360 to gauge behavioral fit and to aid in a fast-track onboarding process where all leaders have an action plan to improve on day one. Each new manager participated in the Teamalytics 360 and team workshops to discuss and address their individual constraints and the potential impact those constraints would have on the organization as a whole.


The company has grown rapidly in both revenue and number of employees while keeping the founder’s original mission and vision for the company intact. Much of the success and growth is in large part attributed to the culture of the organization and being able to attract top talent. The company was purchased by a large oil and gas services company for one of the highest service company multiples to date. Teamalytics continues to work with the founder and his subsequent businesses and endeavors including companies in the energy, hospitality, and entertainment industries.

“We engaged Teamalytics shortly after the oil and gas downturn in 2009. As we prepared to reset our chemical company for recovery in a reeling marketplace we felt we needed to tune up our executive team for what we hoped would be not only a recovery, but a clear direction for future growth.

Through the use of the Teamalytics 360 and the leadership processes that accompanied it, we pushed the leadership model all the way from the top of the organization throughout the field operations. During that time we not only recovered, but grew over 35% CAGR and exited that business with the sale to a major service provider in 2011.

We’ve taken that same model and are now growing our 3 newest business ventures, KJ Energy, MV2 Entertainment, and the JL Bar Ranch and Resort. Our team realized that everything rises and falls on leadership and Teamalytics have taken leadership development to a whole new level.”
James Archer, Founder and CEO