Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Good to Great Through Culture Enrichment


While leading a successful Fortune 500 Company, senior executives realized several key areas in the company culture needed to change. A perception started growing that the leadership team was detached from the rest of the organization. The culture was perceived as stiff, and management tended to be viewed as bureaucratic and lacking responsiveness to employee needs. Employees expressed concerns that there was a disconnect between company values and leadership behaviors. The company enlisted Teamalytics to develop an engaging process to shift the culture.


Teamalytics began with the executive team and rolled out a training and coaching journey with more than 500 leaders over a four-year period. Teamalytics facilitated the development and cascading of an organization-wide Social Contract, a document that defines expected leadership behaviors and aligns them with company values. The company has modified its Social Contract several times since its inception and all members have expressed their commitment to it by signing their names to a master copy. Teamalytics ensured each level of leadership displayed active commitment and provided training on rolling out the core tenets of the culture throughout the organization.


A dramatic shift in culture has taken place. Employees from different levels of the organization were involved as stakeholders in the process, resulting in higher levels of engagement and significant improvement in employee satisfaction, impacting both retention and the ability to hire top performers. Throughout the initiative, the consulting team transferred the tools, skills, and techniques to sustain the changes being made. The process captured the voice and heartbeat of the team, resulting in a much greater degree of employee ownership, buy-in, and engagement.