Multinational Defense Contractor

Enabling Rapid Global Expansion Through Continuous Leadership Improvement


Shortly after this organization was acquired by a large private equity firm, Teamalytics worked closely with the CEO and senior leadership to prepare for rapid expansion to meet geopolitical needs and to reach the aggressive value creation targets of investors. To meet the demand of global expansion to serve warfighters, the immediate internal challenges were to connect the organization with new leadership, develop an intentional leadership culture, and grow the leadership capabilities of all people leaders in the company.


Teamalytics designed and implemented an integrated leadership development program to more than 500 leaders. Assessment, coaching, and workshops were delivered at the operations deployment bases in Alliance, Tx, Washington, DC and Dubai; as well as in field locations in Afghanistan and South America.

The scope of the development initiative included:

  • Advanced leadership study encompassing Teamalytics 360 data from more than 500 leaders.
  • Strategic leadership development process beginning with the most senior executives. This process was sequentially rolled out to 500 leaders as an integrated component of internal training and development.
  • One-on-one leadership coaching using individualized growth plans based on insights gained through Teamalytics 360 data.
  • Measurement and accountability process for continuous feedback and improvement utilizing the Teamalytics Traction Plan Checkup system to ensure implementation of team and individual growth plans.
  • Consistent follow-up and mid-course corrections to align the development process with changing organizational needs and opportunities.


The company was able to scale to serve warfighters in multiple global conflicts and provide strong results for investors over an extended period. With an uncertain global economy and changes in the industry, the Teamalytics continued to work closely with senior leadership to fine-tune process direction and strategy. Recognizing the value provided by Teamalytics, the private equity firm introduced the leadership and team development capabilities to 5 additional portfolio companies.