Retail Energy Company

Double Digit Growth by Developing Sales Leaders


This company’s commercial energy division had grown quickly through external acquisitions and combining various internal brands. Fast growth and rapid industry change had created a fragmented team with different sales operations. During this period of misaligned teams and processes, the division was presented with the opportunity to leverage several national accounts. Division leadership saw the importance of bringing the team together across regions to increase employee engagement and alignment, creating a consistent brand promise and experience for customers across North America.


Teamalytics facilitated training and coaching programs over a two-year period. Changing market conditions made it imperative that the team accelerate communications, freely share insights, and react quickly. During off-site meetings, senior executives identified specific behaviors that would break down the ‘silos’ and build trust within the team. Teamalytics guided the executive team through workshops, one-on-one coaching, and accountability sessions to uncover and address individual and team behavioral constraints that were keeping the organization from achieving its mission.

The process was then expanded to include the entire sales organization. After gathering 360 data on all sales team members, Teamalytics coaches led them through the analysis of their Teamalytics 360 reports during virtual leadership workshops. Each sales team leader was able to have coaching conversations with their direct team members to discuss their individual action plans, which were based on each member’s strengths and constraints. The revitalized effectiveness and newly aligned synergy of the entire sales force grew from this process.


Revenue and gross margins both showed significant growth within months of the initial workshop… Much of the success and growth is in large part attributed to the leadership team’s ability to effectively communicate across regional areas to share best practices and to rapidly deploy innovative strategies.