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Why change is never easy, and what to do about it.


Have you ever found change -- real change -- to be easy?

Neither have we.

Whether it’s as “simple” as adopting a new habit of physical exercise or as “complicated” as unifying two corporate cultures after a merger, lasting change can be difficult to sustain.

The reason for the difficulty is always the same: “the human factor.”

Change is difficult because our old behavior patterns get in the way.

As we’ve coached executives around the world over the last 25+ years, one thing has proven remarkably consistent. To create lasting behavioral change, people and teams need two things:

Awareness of the behaviors they need to change

Accountability to help them stay the course

At Teamalytics, we help people and teams identify the obstacles hindering their performance and create personal growth plans and accountability relationships to create lasting change.

To that end, we are excited to announce a brand new resource!

In their new book, Your Third Story: Author the Life You Were Meant to Live, Teamalytics Founder, Flip Flippen and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Chris White, take you on an engaging, funny, step-by-step journey on how to write the story of your life -- the story that you have always dreamed of living.

Filled with powerful, moving accounts of people who refused to simply accept the life they were given but chose to change their lives instead, the book will inspire you, make you cry, and empower you to take control of your life. You, too, can write your third story and author the life you were meant to live.

Click HERE to order your copy today!



For more than 25 years, Teamalytics has leveraged neuroscience, psychometrics, and adult-learning technologies to bring out the best in Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, professional sports teams, and private equity firms. We use analytics and coaching to help your team eliminate counterproductive behaviors so you can hit goals, have fun, and earn more.

Our proprietary, scientifically validated 360-degree assessment creates a detailed view of a leader’s strengths and constraints by measuring 13 critical behaviors and comparing them to our database of many of the world’s most effective leaders and then prescribing a behavioral path to peak leadership performance and business results.

Are you ready to win the war by creating a high-development culture? Contact us!


3 ways we can help you overcome the obstacles holding your team back:  

1. Learn how the Fortune 500 (e.g. LinkedIn, McKesson, Procter & Gamble) are using our behavioral analytics and coaching to optimize their teams for competition-busting results HERE.

2. Download our report “Solving the 5 Pervasive Team Challenges” and experience the power of our Teamalytics 360 Report for yourself or a team member at no charge HERE.

3. Grab a free Consultation to discuss the challenges on your team and how to leverage the power of behavioral analytics to solve them HERE.

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