What Is the Absolute Best Way to Develop Your Talent Pool?

by Teamalytics on Aug 11, 2023

colleagues working together

Most HR professionals have a solid idea of what they want to accomplish within their organization but are often left feeling as if they have only scratched the surface. They struggle to cut through all the noise and clutter that exists in the talent development space. Where should they turn to find the answers they need? How can they make sure they are asking the right questions to begin with?

Well … you’ve come to the right place to address all those concerns.

Here are some questions you should be asking:

  • What are the best practices for an overall development program? Should it offer:
    • Affinity building programs, such as ropes courses or karaoke nights?
    • Motivational programs, like professional speakers?
    • Process-based programs that lay out a 12-month development journey?
  • What measurement tools should I use?
    • Self or 360 – or both?
    • Proven & Validated or Organization-specific one-off?
    • Personality or behavioral?
  • Who should we focus on?
    • Individuals?
    • In-tact teams?
    • Senior leaders?
    • New leaders?
    • All?
  • Should it be self-directed or coach-driven?
  • How much time is really needed for data collection? And how much will it interrupt the daily operation of our business?
  • Are there truly best practices or just a bunch of personal opinions?
  • And ultimately, how do we tie leadership development to our desired business

Are you ready to find the answer to those questions and more?

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