The Ten ‘No-Cost’ Things To Improve Retention

by Teamalytics on Jun 21, 2023

colleagues working together

Has the Great Resignation hit you and your company?

Is it still hitting you?

If so, you are not alone.

But what if you could do something to stem the proverbial tide of people leaving, at least at your company?

And what if you could do it for free?

People are still leaving jobs at an alarming rate, with some experts predicting that 23% of current employees will seek new jobs in 2022. Think about that. Almost one quarter of the American workforce is either currently looking for new employment or will soon start. Employers with a competitive advantage, both in productivity and with a stable workforce, will be those who have figured out how to reduce that number.

At Teamalytics, this topic is front burner. Our clients are facing this challenge like everyone else. As we continue to have conversations about the “why’s” for the departures as well as the solutions for retention, we have found the answer is not always throwing more money at the situation. As a matter of fact, we have identified 10 no cost things you can do to improve retention.