The Teamalytics 360™ Assessment

by Kayla Crum on Jan 11, 2024

Colleagues working together

As the saying goes, the first step toward a solution is knowing you have a problem. But when a problem arises among team members in a professional setting, it can be difficult to ascertain if everyone agrees about its existence. Even if they do, colleagues often disagree about the problem’s root cause.

Many organizations try to solve these teamwork issues with personality assessments or organizational psychology. But these approaches take up a lot of time and money. Additionally, the results often become clouded by fear of reprisal or lack of self-awareness, and lead to little actionable change.

The Teamalytics 360™ Assessment is different. For thirty years, Teamalytics has honed a scientifically-validated assessment tool that utilizes over 1.2 million possible algorithmic combinations to individualize each result. The Teamalytics approach is a unique and practicable way to achieve true and lasting change within individuals and teams.


What is the Teamalytics 360™ Assessment?

So how does this powerful tool actually work? The key is an integration of self-assessment with honest and accurate feedback from colleagues. Each team member first takes a web-based self-assessment that can be completed in about ten minutes. Visual, easy-to-understand results are immediately available for self-reflection.

Then, each person receives input from six to eight colleagues, called describers. This is done with the same online assessment tool. This approach provides 360-degree perceptions without the bias that comes along with the use of a single human interviewer.

It’s also important to note that results are not presented in a “good versus bad” manner. Instead, traits and behaviors are categorized as either strengths or constraints to allow for more honest evaluation both of oneself and of one’s colleagues.


Thirteen Critical Leadership Behaviors

What traits and behaviors are assessed in the Teamalytics 360 tool? Thirteen critical leadership behaviors provide the framework for assessment:

  • Urgency and Intensity
  • Need to Nurture
  • Criticality
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Critical
  • Need for Encouragement
  • Dominance
  • Deference
  • Self-Control
  • Aggressiveness
  • Need for Order
  • Need for Change
  • Energy and Expressiveness

These thirteen traits are pared down to just eight when individual data is aggregated into a full team report, called the Snapshot. This facilitates streamlined results and a clearer idea of what next steps look like for the team as a whole.


Three Steps to an A-Team

Completing a Teamalytics 360™ Assessment is just the beginning. Teamalytics adheres to a proven three-step methodology to achieve group change: awareness, accountability, and acceleration. The first step, awareness, begins with the 360™ Assessment and an examination of the thirteen traits described above. Awareness of the tendencies found both in oneself and in one’s teammates is crucial to future success.

Next, the accountability phase begins. Each individual receives a concrete plan instead of criticism. This is called a Traction Plan and outlines goals, strengths, and constraints. It also provides an impact statement and action steps for each individual. Other aspects of accountability include the sharing of Traction Plans among colleagues and managers, scheduled Traction Plan Checkups (TPCUs), and an overall Team Traction Plan for everyone to work on as a group.

Finally, acceleration is the final, dynamic process in which individuals and teams receive continuous, constructive feedback from both coaches and peers. At this stage, teams begin to see improved collaboration, sustainable growth, and diminished conflict. Practices adopted during this phase are intended to last for years, building a strong foundation for sustainable teamwork.


Consider a Teamalytics 360™ Assessment today

If you know your team could benefit from the scientifically-validated Teamalytics approach, download our free PDF guide “Know What It Feels Like to Work with You” today.

Inside you’ll learn more about the process of our Teamalytics 360™ Assessment. You’ll also find links to the assessment tool and to our expert coaches. Our coaches are not critics. Instead, they function as guides, leading you and your team through the dynamic 360 program to achieve lasting change.