The ROI Calculator

by on Jun 13, 2024


Every leadership and team development program promises to solve all your problems and affect lasting change. But unless you can see proof of actual results, how are you supposed to know who to trust?

Here at Teamalytics, we understand that choosing a team development program is a risk of both your time and money. That’s why we’ve created a free guide to help you evaluate what you’ll get for your money with our programs: “Calculating ROI: A Practical Guide for Measuring Return on Human Capital Investment.”  You can expect the following information to be found inside the guide.

Five ways to measure effectiveness

There isn’t just one way to measure whether or not an investment is worthwhile. You can assess everything from employee satisfaction to quantitative business metrics to get a full picture of costs and benefits. We’ve broken down our ROI guide into five sections so you can look at the investment from every angle.

  • Reaction: This first section discusses how we evaluate participant satisfaction with our workshops and content. We also ask for feedback on the quality of our coaches.
  • Learning: Next, we’ll show you how we assess the applicability of our programs. These questions pivot away from whether or not someone enjoyed the content and toward its efficacy in their actual work.
  • Application/Implementation: Third, we understand that you want results to last long after the program is over. In this section we give examples of the tools we use to facilitate ongoing improvement: a Teamalytics 360 profile, Traction Plan, and Checkup.
  • Business Impact: Quantitative business metrics and KPIs are also part of knowing whether or not the team has improved as a whole. This part of the guide will give examples of concrete improvement and testimonials from leaders.
  • Financial ROI: Finally, the guide asks you to weigh the cost of investment in our programs against the costs you currently shoulder related to team dysfunction. While this is a complicated analysis, we believe we can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Sample of propriety analytics

In Section Three: Application/Implementation, you will get to see detailed examples of some of our proprietary tools and analytics. One of the main reasons our approach works so consistently is because of our use of Traction Plans. 

A Traction Plan is created after someone completes the 10 to 15 minute Teamalytics 360 Assessment online. The Plan then identifies the top strengths and constraints of the individual from a list of thirteen key leadership traits. A coach will work with each person on naming an overall goal and creating an impact statement that helps clarify the reason for needed change. Next, our software pairs this information with anonymous feedback from colleagues during the Traction Plan Checkup process to maximize self-reflection and motivation to improve.

Library of business metrics

At the end of our ROI guide, you will find a library of business metrics you may want to measure before, during, and after you implement our program. We provide metrics in the following categories for your consideration. Here are a few examples of each type. 

  • Human Resources: Employee Turnover, Cost per Hire, Overtime Hours
  • Information Technology: Outages and Time to Resolve, SLA Breach Rate
  • Marketing: Content Downloads, Keyword Performance, Customer Retention
  • Sales: Average Contract Value, Quota Attainment, Lead Response Time
  • General: Frequency of Feedback, Number of Errors, Profit


Finally, throughout the guide you will find direct quotes from leaders we have worked with in the past. We work in a variety of industries, from C-suite executives to professional football coaches. You can see in the guide how we’ve helped people like you lower attrition rates, meet strategic objectives, and gain a competitive edge they’d never experienced before.

Download our free ROI guide today to see if an investment in Teamalytics is the next right step in leading your team to new heights.