Roadmap to an A-Team

by Teamalytics on Jul 9, 2023

Colleagues working together

What is your roadmap to create top performing teams in your organization?

Many of us are old enough to remember using road atlases, state folding maps, and even AAA’s printed out TRIPTIKs when we were planning a trip. If we wanted a reliable and practical way to ensure that we ended up where we wanted to be, we utilized a proven roadmap. Today, most of us simply plug our destination into one of the many navigational phone apps available and simply trust it will take us where we want to go. You can even get a TRIPTIX app! And even though we’ve all occasionally wondered, “Why is this silly app taking me this way?”, we still trust that, ultimately, it is going to get us where we want to be.

But does this plug and play mindset work with workplace team creation and acceleration?

When it comes to the desire to have top-performing, elite, get-it-done teams within our organizations, far too many business leaders simply plug that idea into their hope list and trust that, somehow, they will achieve that goal. But, as we all know, hope is not a strategy. Trusting an app-like approach without knowing the real, detailed plan will not get us where we want to be.

When it comes to building an A-Team, we need a time-tested road map that lays out what needs to be done step by step.

Does your organization have such a map?

Do you have a proven roadmap that can:

  • Create high-performing teams that have fun and win together?
  • Get everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction?
  • Address counterproductive behaviors?
  • Create alignment between behaviors, strategic objectives, and business results?
  • Address and resolve the often-dreaded topic of giving and receiving effective feedback?
  • Establish agreement on how team members treat each other, especially during conflict?
  • Retain top talent?
  • Recruit new talent?
  • Get key players to think and act like owners?
  • Help people get out of their own way?
  • Get more done?

We do.

And with a demonstrated track record of success for over 25 years, we are confident that our map will work for your organization as well.

Because this is one of the times when the old-fashioned way wins, hands down.

You can have access to our Road Map to an A-Team here.